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I Love My Stroller

Shopping with a stroller is a beautiful thing. As a mother of a two year old, I have fallen in love with the ease and practicality of the stroller, especially when I go to the mall. Not only is it a fantastic place to hang my purse, it is also the only place I can really contain my busy toddler! I love shopping with my stroller so much, in fact, that I have often considered taking it with me when I don't have my son! I could always pretend he is off in another store with his dad, right? The following is a list of reasons why I love my stroller.

Number 1: The handlebar doubles as a clothing rack. My stroller shopping love affair began suddenly and unexpectedly. I was browsing through a department store, pulling shirts off the store rack to try on when I discovered that my stroller makes a perfect mobile clothing rack!!! Just simply load up your stroller with all the clothes you want to try on and spare your back the trouble!

Number 2: The entire stroller doubles as a shopping cart!!! Need I say more? I can't tell you the number of times I've wished malls came with shopping carts. Well, with a stroller, the wait is over. Maybe I should consider buying a double stroller off of for just this very reason!

Number 3: Elevators. Call it work out guilt, but I always feel like I SHOULD be taking the stairs. With a stroller, no one expects you to take the stairs! You can ride up and down with pride next to all the other folks enjoying the very same perks of modern transportation.

Number 4: (Most) people will hold doors open for you.

Number 5: THE CUP HOLDER!!!!! If you happen to have had the foresight to purchase the cup holder add on, or if your stroller has a cup holder as a standard feature, you can buy that $4 latte and you don't even have to carry it! And, if your stroller is unoccupied, you can actually tell that barista to make it a HOT latte. Yes, most strollers do come with warnings saying you should not put a hot beverage in a stroller cup holder'for obvious reasons.

Number 6: On my stroller, I have a spot for everything! I have a back pocket that's perfect for my car keys. If I actually remember putting them in this convenient pocket, then it saves me from digging all over the place looking for my keys! The hood of the stroller is the perfect place to set my yummy mall treats. They are never far from reach! The handles are a perfect place to hang my purse and just in case you brought a jacket and umbrella, strollers make fantastic coat racks and umbrella stands!

Whether you have an umbrella stroller, an infant travel system or a jogging stroller, you can enjoy the perks of stroller shopping. Today's strollers are so smooth, easily maneuverable and compact, so there's no worry of not being able to make your way through clothing racks. Moms and dads everywhere, enjoy the perks of stroller shopping! You deserve it!