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There are so many advantages to having an active lifestyle with your baby. It is a great way to get the pregnancy weight off, but it also helps you manage the stress of motherhood, gives baby a chance to socialize and gives both of you some fresh air for better mental and physical health. A jogging stroller is essential if you are serious about being active with baby.

When selecting your jogging stroller, set a budget. Within your budget, consider the features you do and don't need. Then finding the model to suit you isn't such a difficult task. Many features are available, but the first one to consider is baby's safety. A model with a five point harness keeps baby safely in place no matter where you choose to exercise.

Another great feature is a reclining seat. Infants that are not able to hold their head up and babies who like to nap while mom walks, jogs or runs benefit from the option to lay the seat down. Also consider a model with adjustable handlebars. This feature is especially helpful for couples with different heights who share the stroller. An adjustable canopy allows you to protect baby from the sun, wind and rain no matter what time of day or year it may be.

When choosing wheels, the two most common options are steel and alloy. Steel is less expensive, and allow is lightweight and resists rust. It is a good idea to rinse steel wheels after use, especially if you live in a salty environment, such as an area that uses salt for icy roads or near the beach.

The size of the wheels is determined by the way you intend to use the stroller. For sidewalks, flat surfaces in stores and other smooth rides, 12 inch wheels are your best option. If you do some light off roading, such as across a grassy park, go for 16 inch wheels. For long runs or frequent off roading, choose a model with 20 inch wheels or larger.

A fixed front wheel is best for walking or running long distances, but can be difficult to maneuver in confined spaces, such as when shopping with babies and young children. If you need to use the stroller frequently in the grocery store or the mall, it may be best to purchase a model with a swiveling front wheel.

For bumpy rides, it is great to get a jogging stroller with shocks. Double, triple and quadruple jogging strollers are also available for parents of multiples or parents with more than one child near the same ages. When you determine the features you need most in a jogging stroller, selecting the right model for your family is far easier.