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Standard Single Strollers


Standard strollers, also known as single strollers, are offered in the widest variety because they are the most common type of stroller available. Many features are available, as well as a wide variety of color choices, price ranges and quality selections.

Some of the choices you have include more durable frames, which are an excellent choice for parents who plan to use the stroller for more children in the future. A wide selection of wheel types are also available with treads suitable for all types of surfaces. There is also a great selection of handlebars for additional comfort and ease of maneuvering the stroller. Another handy option is an easy folding model for quickly stashing in the closet or the trunk of the car.

Make your stroller decisions as soon as possible so you have plenty of time to evaluate your options. There are tons of manufacturers and each offers many different models to choose from. Don't become overwhelmed with the numbers available. Take a look at the most common features and decide which ones will be of the most use to you and your lifestyle. Then select a model in your price range that meets your qualifications.

Your first consideration should be safety. Look for a sturdy model with straps to hold baby safely going up or downhill. Models that offer a diaper bag rack are convenient. If the model you select does not have such a rack, check to see that the stroller won't topple over when a fully packed diaper bag is hung on the handlebars.

The height of the handlebars is another concern, and the taller you are the more important it becomes. If you or your spouse is tall, too short handlebars will make pushing the stroller uncomfortable and might cause back strain. When purchasing online, check the dimensions of the model you are considering and make sure that is a comfortable height for you when pushing the stroller.

Consider the features you might need in the future, not just right away. It may be difficult to imagine your infant needing her own cup holder and a tray for snacks, but that time comes quicker than you think! Hoods are a wonderful option year round, shielding baby's eyes in the bright sun and protecting delicate ears from winds. Waterproof hoods are a real blessing when a day at the park produces a sudden rain shower.

Seeing neat features sometimes tempts parents to go over budget. Decide which features you are willing to pay extra for and which you are willing to do without. This helps you keep the price down while getting the options you most desire.