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The very first thing you do with your baby is travel! As soon as he is born, you need to be ready to safely transport him home from the hospital, and this trip begins your adventures of traveling with your new family member. Many parents enjoy the convenience and money saving option of a travel stroller, which offers everything baby needs in the car and on the go.

It is easy for new parents to become overwhelmed with the amount of travel strollers available. It isn't important to evaluate every stroller on the market. Just set a budget, consider the uses you have for the travel set and decide which features are most important to you. If your family is active, you might consider a jogging travel stroller. For regular shopping trips, a standard stroller is best. Lightweight models are available to make it easy for one person to handle the stroller, car seat and the baby.

Instead of considering the entire unit as a whole, select the car seat first and the stroller that goes with it will probably be your best bet. The car seat should fit well in your car with plenty of room for other children, groceries or more items in the back seat. Get a size that is easy to put into the car and get back out, because this is what a travel stroller is designed to do.

Also consider the safety of the car seat and stroller. A five point harness keeps baby tucked in safely in the car, when you are putting the seat into and out of the car and while the stroller is in use. Make sure the car seat attaches easily to the stroller, and that you can fold the stroller and put it in the trunk easily even when doing it alone.

The advantages of a travel stroller include cost savings. You can purchase one unit to use as a stroller, car seat and infant carrier. Many units grow with the child, converting into a front facing car seat, which can be used through toddlerhood. Some models have tons of storage space for diaper bags, bottles or sippy cups and a tray for parents' snacks, car keys and other necessities.

Another benefit to a travel stroller is having a matched set. For many parents, having the fabrics and styles of the stroller, carrier and car seat match is a style issue. Other considerations include the weight of the unit, optional features such as adjustable handlebars and how the stroller handles in tight spaces, such as the grocery store or a mall.

Double, triple and quadruple travel strollers are also available. Choose from unisex colors or pretty pinks and light blues for girls and boys. Most models include a canopy for keeping sun and rain out of baby's delicate eyes.