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Finding and Using Bike Strollers

Bike strollers are ingenious devices for parents who love riding their bicycles, and who want their newborn infants to come along for the ride with them. Bike strollers come in various designs, but the most common design looks almost like a large tricycle in reverse: it's got two wheels in front and one in back. There's a typical bicycle seat for the parent, and a typical stroller seat for the baby; the baby's seat is positioned up front, just below Mom or Dad's handlebars. As you might imagine, the resulting device doesn't look all that much like a typical adult bicycle. It looks more like a stationary bike you might see in a gym, only funkier. Even more exciting is that, for those days when you don't feel like biking and would rather just go for a walk with your child instead, you can convert these bikes into typical baby strollers. You can also convert the bicycle into a typical stroller whenever you want to park it or go inside a mall or a supermarket. (It's doubtful that management will let you just ride around inside their establishment!) And some bike strollers come equipped with such special features as a basket to store your infant's supplies, or a space to store groceries. Some may even include an additional seat so your bicycle built for two can instantly become a bicycle built for three!


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A bicycle stroller may be the least common style of baby stroller, and for that reason you want to be careful about making your selection. You want to make sure that any such stroller you buy is easy to convert from a bike stroller to a typical stroller and back again. If your bike stroller has been well designed and constructed, this process should take no longer than thirty seconds. In addition, the child's seat should be as strong and secure as can be; it should be absolutely immoveable on the road. You want to be comfortable while you're riding along too, and obviously you want your infant's ride to be as smooth as possible. The little one should not feel constant bumps and rumbles. For all these reasons, you'll definitely want to test out your bicycle stroller before you purchase it. Be aware, too, that bike strollers can be among the most expensive kinds of strollers out there, so invest time in price comparisons and finding deals before you buy.