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The Benefits of BOB Double Strollers

The Benefits of BOB Double StrollersBOB double strollers are among the most admired strollers in the entire baby stroller industry. And this company's double strollers, or strollers with two seats side by side that allow parents to carry two infants or toddlers at the same time, are among their most popular and acclaimed products.


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BOB doubles strollers are American-made products. And one of their most striking characteristics is their strength. They are stronger, in many instances much stronger, than other leading double strollers because the aluminum they contain is among the strongest of all stroller materials. (This kind of aluminum does make BOB double strollers a little heavier than the average double stroller, however: something to bear in mind.) These strollers are also as secure as any stroller you'll probably be able to find on the market, and no matter what terrain you are traveling across, and no matter whether you're walking, jogging or running, your child will feel few if any bumps, thanks especially to the pneumatic tires this brand of stroller employs. In fact, one of the great things about BOB strollers is that they give your child an equally smooth ride whether you're indoors or outdoors. By contrast, so many other strollers that operate well off-terrain are less than ideal for indoor spaces like supermarkets. These double strollers from BOB also come with a suspension system that you can adjust to your liking.

There are three main styles of BOB double strollers. The first is called the BOB Revolution, as it has a front wheel that can revolve. This means it's a very easy stroller to navigate, and you can easily stop and turn this stroller around even in the most constricted or most crowded interior spaces. And if you want to go out for a jog, there's a special locking device that will prevent that front wheel from spinning: a stationary front wheel means a smoother high-speed ride for your little one. A second kind of double stroller from BOB, one that's less expensive than the Revolution, is called the BOB Sport Utility. This is a stroller with a front wheel that doesn't turn, and is meant primarily for running and jogging. And last, there's the BOB Ironman: also a jogging double stroller with a non-revolving front wheel, but one that's especially rugged and durable, designed specifically for off-terrain runs.