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BOB Stroller AccessoriesThe BOB Company, a company founded in 1994 and based in California, makes such strong, durable and high-quality baby strollers that you might not even think of accessorizing them. However, you and your baby can get even more out of your stroller experience by choosing just the right BOB stroller accessories. These accessories are quite varied, so definitely do some research to get a sense of what's available and which of them might work best for you. BOB is famous for its line of jogging strollers, or strollers that allow you to jog or even run while pushing your stroller without your child feeling any bumps. But why not enhance this cardiovascular exercise with an official BOB fitness kit? This kit will include a series of resistance bands which you can use to work out various muscle groups while you're running along. When you get home, you may even feel like taking a nap with your baby!


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Even more practical BOB stroller accessories are the weather shield and the infant car seat adapter. The weather shield, as may be obvious from the name, is a shield that folds out and keeps the sun out of your child's eyes, and also keeps him or her dry when it's raining. And this weather shield is an accessory you can accessorize: that is, you can add a mesh screen to the shield that will completely cover your baby and thus completely protect the little one from the sun's harsh UV rays. For its part, the infant car seat adapter allows you to secure the car seat your baby sits in to your BOB stroller. This adapter is ideal for babies who are so accustomed to a particular car seat that they feel uncomfortable traveling in any other seat.

Other BOB stroller accessories include items that will increase the amount of storage you have while you're pushing your baby here and there. (Many parents would cite limited storage as their number one complaint about their baby stroller.) The "handlebar console" is a specially-designed bag you can attach to the handlebars of your BOB stroller, perfect for holding house keys, bottled water and cell phones. (Most people don't want to jog while carrying a purse or a backpack!) And the BOB travel bag will hold any single stroller – though not necessarily any double stroller – which BOB manufactures. You can sling this travel bag over your shoulder or carry it onto an airplane.

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