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Britax Safe Baby Strollers and Car Seats


Britax has over seven decades of experience in designing and manufacturing high-quality strollers and infant seats for automobiles. Britax was founded way back in 1939 out of a company called British Accessories, and is going as strong as ever today.

Let's start with their strollers. Part of the reason that they've been so successful is that they not only focus on making sure a baby will have a comfortable and pleasurable experience riding in their strollers, but that Mom and Dad will also enjoy the trip. In fact, they want to use their products to actually encourage parents to get out of the house more often, to walk to a store if it's possible. Britax believes such walks not only make for a healthier, more active lifestyle, but that they also allow for more fun time that parents and infants can share together; in that way, these stroller sessions can even help strengthen the parent-child bond. To that end, many Britax strollers have high seats, which so many young children love, as well as controls and steering systems that are first-rate, so parents need only focus on their babies and their surroundings.

Britax employs a number of experts in the safety of child car seats, and is considered by many experts a leader in safety throughout the entire industry. Indeed, their engineers and designers spend countless hours testing new seats before they ever reach their customers. And over the years they've created such breakthrough stroller safety technologies as True Side Impact Protection, which fully protects an infant from harm in instances of sudden collision. They've also drawn from the experience of companies with which they've merged over the years. For instance, when Britax acquired the car seat manufacture Safe-n-Sound in 1986, they joined forces with one of the best child car seat companies in Australia and New Zealand.

Two of Britax's most popular car seat models are the Freeway, a seat that faces forward and is designed for children who weight between 20 and 40 pounds, and the Roundabout, a seat with a five-point harness (the most secure of all harnesses) and Britax's own Versa-tether, which ensures that seat isn't budging no matter what the driving conditions are. And many more car seat models compliment these two: you'll be able to find a seat no matter what you're looking for.