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Bugaboo Means Mobility


Bugaboo is a Dutch mobility company headquartered in Amsterdam with offices around the globe. Founded in 1999 by designer Max Barenbrug and physician Eduard Zanen, our mission is to excite every person on the move. Our passion for innovation results in products that inspire people to get out and explore the world.





Bugaboo means mobility

It is Bugaboo’s goal to develop mobility products that increase freedom of movement and ensure that every day obstacles are no longer a problem. Bugaboo mobility products aim to guarantee that parents can move around in an unhindered and carefree manner. By understanding the consumer, identifying planned and unplanned occasions and by never compromising, Bugaboo creates outstanding mobility products that make a difference and bring revolutionary, iconic products to the market.

Bugaboo products

A Bugaboo product distinguishes itself through integrated functionality, streamlined design, intuitive handling, and a distinct personality – it is smart, exciting, and no nonsense.

A new Bugaboo product brings something innovative to the market
that makes a difference. Bugaboo products redefine functionality
and application, offer simple solutions to complex problems, and revive the benefits of innovative materials.

Our mission

To inspire every person on the move.

Our vision

To be the iconic innovative mobility brand.

Bugaboo design principles

Each Bugaboo product must be easy to operate, incorporating state-of-the-art technological and innovative features that result in a design that successfully combines functionality and aesthetics. The function of a Bugaboo product must never clash with its styling and the styling must never interfere with its performance. Only when function and form are in harmony, will Bugaboo release
a new product. Following this principle, Bugaboo strollers are always logical and intuitive, so that users immediately understand how they work and quickly grasp the full variety of features.

Bugaboo international

Bugaboo International is a Dutch design company that develops and produces mobility products. Bugaboo is known for its innovative and breakthrough design of strollers.

Bugaboo began as a small start up in 1999, but grew rapidly over the next ten years to become a global player. Bugaboo products are now available in more than 50 countries.

Looking Back


Max Barenbrug graduates with double honors in two subjects: mobility (for his city bike) and leisure (for the stroller). Together with physician Eduard Zanen - who becomes involved with the ergonomic development of the first stroller concepts - Max tries to market his Bugaboo design to several manufacturers, but nobody is ready for it. Though it appears that his ingenuity is ahead of its time, Max goes back to the drawing board and spends two years refining and optimizing designs, never losing faith. The “true” Bugaboo functionalities develop: the reversible seat, the reversible handlebar, and the unique folding mechanism.



Max and Eduard set up Bugaboo as a company and focus on mass-producing their product.




The first Bugaboo - the Bugaboo Classic - appears on the streets of Holland, exclusive to the region.




Foreign markets open. The US and UK launch the Bugaboo Frog, which features innovations such as frog-like suspension for a smoother ride, a parking brake on the handlebar, and swivel wheels for easy 360° turning.




The Bugaboo Cameleon introduces color, customization, and the most complete set of features ever for a Bugaboo stroller. Bugaboo introduces the Bugaboo Gecko, a pure, minimalist expression of the Bugaboo design.




The Bugaboo Bee, the most compact yet complete Bugaboo stroller, launches internationally.




Bugaboo partners with (RED)TM to join the fight against AIDS in Africa and launches with a (BUGABOO)RED Special Collection.




Bugaboo introduces an improved version of the Bugaboo Bee, making the compact yet complete Bugaboo stroller even more easy and nimble.




Bugaboo launches the Bugaboo Donkey, the convertible stroller for kid(s) and goods that grows and flows with your family. Whether you have one kid, two kids of different ages or twins, one stroller fits all.




Bugaboo introduces the 3rd generation of the iconic all-in-one stroller. The Bugaboo Cameleon3 is even more versatile, stylish and functional than ever before.




Bugaboo introduces the Bugaboo Buffalo. Versatile, robust and spacious, the all-terrain stroller is a must for parents who love to discover.