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In 2004 the Bumble Ride Company was launched in San Diego, California, by two young parents named Matthew and Emily Reichardt. Their first child had recently been born (today the couple has three kids), and they were bursting with ideas for products that would help out their fellow parents all over the world. The focus of the Bumble Ride Company is products that help you move your baby around, safely and effectively. And the team has created a series of original designs that make their strollers exciting to look at as well. In fact, these strollers come in vibrant, vivid color schemes that make walking your child a stylish affair.

Among their most popular stroller models are the Queen B, the Flyer and the Indie. Each of these strollers can boast exciting features. The Flyer and the Indie are affordable products that are easy to maneuver and navigate. In fact, the Indie, which only weighs twenty pounds, is one of the lightest strollers you'll find anywhere. (The Indie also has front wheels that you can lock for high speeds, and then unlock when you want to get around in congested spaces.) But if you really want the ultimate in strollers, considerer going for the Queen B. The Queen B is the largest Bumble Ride vehicle, and it features four air-filled tires, a seat you can turn to face you as you're walking should your child become fussy or upset along the way, and a handlebar you can adjust so you'll have a comfortable walk no matter how tall you are. This is a luxury-style stroller, perfect for a full day's usage and guaranteeing the most plush and relaxing ride for your child available. The Queen B also comes with an impressive list of special features, including a cup holder, baby headrest, a car seat adapter, a shield for when it's raining, an air pump for the tires and several more exciting goodies as well.

Whichever Bumble Ride stroller you opt for, though, you're guaranteed a fun product. And should you have any questions or concerns, the company's customer service department is second to none in friendly and responsive service. Having a baby is of course a fun and exciting experience, and the whimsy and good cheer of Bumble Ride's products will remind you of that every time you take them out for a spin.


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