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Cardinal Gates Stairway Gates

One of the worst fears of many parents is that their young children will fall down a flight of stairs inside the home. Cardinal Gates, a company that's been in business since 1993 and is headquartered in Newnan, Georgia, sells products that can eliminate such fears. They sell many models of gates for stairways, and this brand is a top choice within the "babyproofing" industry. Pet owners can take heart, too: the company sells a line of gates specifically designed to keep your dog or cat from taking a nasty tumble.

Stairway gates from Cardinal Gates share certain key characteristics. They're all easy to use, and a snap to install - very few screws will be involved, and all instruction manuals are simple to read, understand and follow. All of these products are strong, too, and will last you a long time: you should be able to raise a whole houseful of kids without having to replace any of your stairway gates! They're also appealing objects to look at. Their designs are artful, unusual for many such gates, which are often purely functional (and in some instances downright ugly). These gates come in a wide variety of colors, too, so you should have an easy time finding a gate that will match the decor and color scheme of the room or hallway where you're placing it.

It's easy to remember to install gates in front of every staircase in your home, yet neglect outdoor staircases. But the steps leading to porches and doors can pose every bit the danger to young children that interior steps do (probably more, as they're not carpeted). To solve this problem, Cardinal Gates has created an aluminum gate. It won't get worn down by the sun, rain or snow, and it's lightweight. In fact, Cardinal Gates is the only company anywhere that manufactures an aluminum gate. Actually, no matter what kind of gate you buy from this company, you can be assured that it will contain no plastic whatsoever. By contrast, many other companies try to save money by loading up their gates with plastic, and as a result, those gates don't last nearly as long.

Just one example of an ingenious Cardinal Gates product is the Stairway Special Safety Gate, which has a latch that toddlers can't open but that adults can easily, with only one hand at that. It's easy to clean, requires little maintenance, and is super strong.