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The Combi Corporation seeks to make products for children that are not only high-quality, but that also help bring parents and their children closer together. In fact, the name "Combi" is an abbreviation of "combination," the combination being the one they want to help forge between parents and their children. Combi was founded in Tokyo in 1957, and an American subsidiary called Combi USA launched in 1989. Today, Combi is a worldwide leader in products for young children, and whether you buy a product from the parent company Combi or from Combi USA, you're sure to get an item that's safe to use, portable and easy to transport, and one that will contribute to the beauty of its surroundings.

While Combi creates all sorts of items for babies and toddlers, it may be most noted for its many strollers. These strollers are lightweight, inexpensive and visually attractive. The Cosmo, for example, is very cosmopolitan indeed. With its distinctive rounded sun canopy, its pink seat, and its stylish handlebar arrangement, it's not hard to imagine a parent taking this stroller for a walk around the vibrant streets of Tokyo. Or how about the Savvy? You'd look quite savvy indeed pushing this model of stroller, similar in design to the Cosmo but featuring a dark blue canopy and seat. And that seat is especially plush and plump. In fact, the Savvy's seat looks so snuggly and inviting you may be disappointed they don't make such a seat in adults' sizes! If you have twins or two very small children, they'll look extra adorable sitting side by side in the dapper, twelve-wheeled, two-seated Twin Sport stroller. The pale yellow canopies over each seat will keep them dry and shaded no matter what the weather conditions may be.

Of special note is the Flare stroller from Combi. This stroller, which comes in either kiwi or violet, simply oozes convenience. It folds up in three seconds and can stand on its own when folded. There's a storage space within the canopy, and that canopy is easily adjustable. The seat reclines and includes a five-point harness for maximum child security. Meanwhile, the footrest and reclining seat and child's cup holder ensure maximum comfort for your baby. The seat cushion is washable, the guardrail is padded, and the storage basket is nice and roomy, so you should be as comfortable using this stroller as your child is.