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Finding the Best Dog Strollers

One of the world's most adorable sights is that of dog owners pushing their canine friends in strollers. Indeed, many dogs love being chauffeured around the neighborhood in comfort and style; they find it the ultimate in doggie pampering. But if you think you'd like to transport your dog in a stroller, don't just rush out and buy the first carriage you can find. Instead, look for that stroller that will best suit you and your pet.


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The first factor to consider when shopping for dog strollers is the simplest: the size. You want enough room so your dog can stretch and lounge and move its paws easily. If your dog hasn't yet reached its full size, get a stroller that's extra big so the dog can grow into the seat. You'll also have to decide between open dog strollers and the enclosed variety. An open stroller will allow your dog to enjoy the fresh air and the breeze rustling its fur, but a closed stroller might be necessary for dogs that will keep jumping out of the stroller whenever it sees fire hydrants or other dogs.

You also want a dog stroller that's sturdy and that your dog won't be able to damage too severely. After all, there are many instances when your dog will be out on the road and will see something that will make it agitated or happy – be it the neighbor's cat or the kids next door – and at those times your dog is liable to scratch the sides of the stroller, or maybe even bite the seat. Dog strollers have to be built to handle punishment.

Many of the things you'd want to look for in dog strollers are things you'd want to look for in a baby stroller. For instance, you'll want adjustable handlebars so you can set them at the height that's most comfortable for you, and you'll want the grips of those handlebars to feel good as well. You'll also want a stroller for your dog that folds and unfolds easily, and one that locks securely into place when parked. The stroller you get for your pooch should have a design and colors that you find attractive, and make sure it's something you can easily afford as well. Speak with experts and read up on those online reviews to ensure you manage to land a high-quality product.