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Double Jogging Strollers

Double Jogging StrollersDouble jogging strollers are convenient in two ways: they allow you to push two kids side by side in the same stroller, and they allow you a cardiovascular workout while you're out and about with the stroller. Why should you have to sacrifice any exercise time when there's such a simple means of taking both your kids with you to the park for a run?


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The best double jogging strollers are usually those with three wheels: two in the back and one in the front. Chances are this front wheel will be immoveable, because when the front wheel of a jogging stroller is fixed the entire stroller will move more smoothly, and your child won't feel the results of the friction that a rotating wheel moving at high speeds can create. This three-wheel setup also allows the greatest freedom of movement and ease of use for the parent doing the jogging. If your stroller has been well made, you'll find that it's as easy to control and practically as lightweight as any single stroller would be. And the braking system of any jogging stroller is obviously a crucial element: you should be able to stop suddenly without your children feeling a strong impact.

In addition, seats should be comfortable and well-padded, and even more important, your children should be fully secured. A five-point harness is probably the best means of holding your kids in. And seats that recline can put your children at ease to an even greater degree. In fact, a good rule of thumb is that your babies should hardly notice when you're walking and when you're running; the ride should be as calm and smooth as can be no matter your speed. If your babies can even fall asleep when you're sprinting at top speed, you'll know you've purchased a great product.

By the way, you might find double jogging strollers useful even if you have only one child. Why? You can load up the second seat with your exercise gear! And even if both of your stroller seats are occupied by kids, you should still find that your stroller offers you plenty of room to store your wallet or purse, or your keys and cell phone and a bottle of water or two, or whatever other equipment you might need when you go for a run.