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On a Roll with Double Strollers

On a Roll with Double StrollersImagine you had two babies, perhaps twins, in a world where double strollers didn't exist. What would you do? Only leave your home with one baby at a time? Push one in a stroller and carry the other all the way to the supermarket? (And how would you shop like that?) Push two strollers simultaneously down the street, one with each hand? Fortunately for all parents with more than one young child, this isn't an issue: double strollers are here to save you.


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A double stroller is a stroller with two baby seats, one next to the other. (The term "double stroller," by the way, can also refer to a stroller in which one seat is positioned behind the other, but the more correct term for this model of stroller is "tandem stroller.") The best double strollers are relatively lightweight, steady, strong and durable, able to withstand the bumpiest of rides and absorb shocks so your infants don't experience unnecessary rumbles when they're out for a walk. And even though these strollers are wide, you don't want to sacrifice any control. They should come to a smooth stop immediately after you apply the hand brakes, and you should be able to turn them swiftly and accurately. Certainly you'll also want a stroller that's easy to fold and unfold, despite its having two seats instead of one. And a stroller that can stand on its own even when it's folded up can be a great convenience.

There are also double strollers you can get without seats; they might be better described as "stroller frames" rather than "strollers," but they allow you to attach two car seats to them. And if you're only taking one child out one day, you only have to attach one car seat. The advantage to this kind of stroller is twofold: a.) some babies are more comfortable in their car seats than in stroller seats and b.) sometimes stroller frames take up less storage space. On the other hand, you might not feel like attaching car seats every time you want to use your stroller.

Whatever kind of double stroller you choose, make sure it's comfortable for you to operate, and that you don't have to stoop over to push it. And finally, enjoy the time you spend carting your two children around in their stroller: it will go by in the blink of two sets of eyes.