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We Believe

         Children are our most valuable citizens, and therefore, must be cherished.

         The proper development of our children is the solution to society's challenges.

         It is everyone's responsibility to contribute to the well-being and development of our children.

         Children in our care must always be our highest priority.

         The resources needed to care for children should be accessible to all.

These beliefs direct everything we do at Foundations® Children's Products.

Order our hotel and child care cribs, or any other Foundations product, today!

Foundations® is the foremost supplier of hotel and child care cribs in the US. More major hotel chains and child care chains specify Foundations cribs than any other brand of cribs. We focus our product development on high use commercial environments where safety, ease of use, durability, and comfort are paramount. Our products are designed and engineered from the ground up with these applications in mind. They are not simply a consumer grade product that happens to also be sold to commercial users.

All Foundations® products meet mandatory safety standards published by the Consumer Products Safety Commission as well as all voluntary standards published by ASTM. Additionally, Foundations® ensures that all our products meet the CPSC CFR 1633 Fire Standard. You can rest assured when you choose a Foundations® product that it meets the highest expectations.