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Inglesina Fine Italian Strollers


Inglesina is a European baby stroller company, one whose products hold appeal for families around the globe. Inglesina was founded by Liviano Tomasi in 1963 in the town of Vicenze, Italy. The name "Inglesina" comes from the Italian word for "English," because the English Court fascinated Tomasi. The English Court in London, after all, was a place where people would be whisked around in carriages unrivaled in their luxuriousness and opulence. It therefore became the mission of Tomasi that the products his company would create would reflect that high level of elegance and sophistication.

There are several qualities that mark all the products Inglesina releases today. They are safe and secure first of all, and also comfortable for young children to use. They also have a certain style and flair to them, something that makes them distinctly European but also irresistible to families wherever they may live. And while they may take cues from the past in terms of their style and grace, these products are at the same time cutting-edge in their technological prowess.

Inglesina prams really are unlike any other. Take the Classica. The Classica is a model that's been created by artisans by hand. These artisans have used the most beautiful materials at their disposal to create what really is a work of Italian art. Your child will enjoy the most in safety and comfort a baby stroller could offer whenever she or he is perched inside the Classica. Of course, the Classica is expensive, something to be considered an heirloom rather than your everyday, run-of-the-mill stroller.

If you're looking for a stroller that's affordable as well as beautifully-made, why not take a look at the Zippy? Famous throughout Italy, this umbrella stroller really lives up to its name: with the Zippy you and your baby will zip through city streets and marketplaces. It's a compact model, too; you'll be able to take it onto planes and trains with ease. It's also very strong and stable, and full of the softest and most lush padding available.

The Swift umbrella stroller from Inglesina equals the Zippy in quality and convenience. It's light, it has a canopy, and it was created with your baby's relaxation in mind. That is, it's got a seat that reclines in four different positions; it has support for your baby's legs and loads of padding. And, believe it or not, when the Swift is folded up it only weighs thirteen pounds!