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InSTEP Jogging StrollersWhen a new baby is born, it's easy for parents to find themselves getting out of shape. All the time spent watching the little one, joyful as it may be, leaves precious little time for maintaining a healthy fitness regimen. And so, exercise often falls by the wayside. The company InSTEP has taken steps to stem this tide and help parents of newborns maintain their physiques. Specifically, the company makes strollers and bicycle trailers that carry babies while making sure the parents sweat and work those muscles.


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There are plenty of things to admire in InSTEP jogging strollers. For one thing, they have a striking look to them. InSTEP prides itself on its unique stroller designs, and in the outstanding color selections they make for each baby stroller. You and your baby will be extra-noticeable when you go out for a run! More important is that these strollers can take a pounding and keep on going. Go ahead: take your stroller from InSTEP off terrain; go for a run when you go hiking in the woods (on second thought, your baby might not like the woods that much) or run in sand, on gravel, or on the most neglected and beat-up sidewalk in your hometown. InSTEP jogging strollers are designed to handle all of that and more. And all the while, your infant will be enjoying such a cushy, relaxing, shock-free ride that it's more than likely the child will drift off to sleep at some point along the way.

InSTEP jogging strollers also come in the double stroller variety, in case you have more than one young child in your charge. The handlebars are comfortable, and the entire stroller is lightweight. When you see one in person, and take in its sleek, streamlined design, you may feel the urge to grab the bars and start running right away! And lest you were to take one look at a stroller from InSTEP and immediately dismiss the thing as being out of your price range, you'll be happy to know that InSTEP strollers are some of the most affordable strollers on the market today. Go ahead and compare their price tags to the price tags of their competitors. You'll be impressed, and maybe even shocked, at the difference. And after owning such a stroller for a few months, you might find you're in the best shape you've been in in a long time.

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