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Is There a Perfect Stroller?

I have been asked many times, "which stroller is the perfect stroller?" The truth is there is not one perfect stroller-only a stroller that is perfect for you. Each family has different needs. There are many different types of strollers and a number of features for each stroller type. For this reason, most families have several strollers to meet their various needs.

Because we all face different tasks, participate in different activities and live in different climates, there is a stroller designed to accommodate your particular lifestyle. The following information will help you identify the stroller that best meets your needs. Also look for our "Stroller Finder" tool, product reviews and user reviews to help you select the perfect stroller for you. If at anytime you need more assistance, please call us at 800-533-5392.


Christana Elliott

Types of Strollers

Lightweight Strollers  
Lightweight strollers are convenient, portable and affordable. These strollers, often referred to as umbrella strollers, are generally less than 12 pounds and fold compactly to fit in trunks and overhead compartments on planes. Lightweight strollers are useful for traveling and quick trips.

Advantages: Low price points, portability, compact storage and convenience.
Disadvantages:   Lack of durability, limited comfort for child and limited surfaces.
Age Range: Over 4 months old unless a full reclining feature is available.
Activities: Daily errands, travel, limited family activities.
Price Range: Between $30 and $200 depending on features. Features that affect price include recline capability, canopies, brake systems and structural components.


Standard Strollers  
Standard, or single, strollers offer the greatest variety in features, styles, colors, price range and quality. In choosing a standard stroller, consider your family activities and the amount you would like to spend. Higher priced strollers generally provide a better metal frame, higher quality wheels, a more comfortable handlebar and an easy to fold mechanism. While some families choose to purchase a standard stroller that will last for several children, other families choose to purchase a less expensive model that may last for just one child. It is important to remember you will probably use your standard stroller more than any of your other strollers. 

Advantages: Comfort, durability, stability, storage capacity, and varied styles and price selection.
Disadvantages:   May be too large or bulky for certain activities.
Age Range: From newborn (if full recline feature is included) to 4 years old.
Activities: Everyday activities, family outings, walks and long-term travel.
Price Range: Between $70 and $500 depending on desired quality and features.


Double, Triple, and Quadruple Strollers  
Families facing the exciting challenges of twins, triplets or just several young children can benefit by selecting a stroller in this category. The primary consideration is whether you want your children to ride tandem (front to back) or side by side. Tandem strollers offer more convenience and maneuverability through doorways, aisles and sidewalks, but often create problems as to which child gets to ride in front. Side by side strollers encourage child socialization and allow each child to experience the ride, but can be problems while maneuvering through doorways and other tight spaces.

Advantages: Allows one parent to push several children. Fulfills essential need for parents with several small children.
Disadvantages:   Size, maneuverability, difficult to convert and bulky to transport.
Age Range: From newborn (if full recline feature is included) to 4 or 5 years old.
Activities: Everyday activities, family outings, walks and certain travel.
Price Range: Between $100 and $500 depending on desired quality and features.


Jogging or All-Terrain Strollers  
Jogging, or All-Terrain, strollers are built to enjoy outdoor recreation. Depending on the quality and included features, you can take your jogging strollers just about anywhere. In the last several years, jogging strollers have become lightweight, durable and easy to fold and transport. These strollers provide a comfortable and smooth ride during recreational activities. One of the primary considerations in selecting a jogging stroller is the size of wheels. Larger wheels are generally selected for serious running and off road activities.

Advantages: Allows access to all types of terrain, provides a comfortable ride for children, increases range of activities and provides opportunities for parents to exercise and enjoy the outdoors.
Disadvantages:   Some models are difficult to assemble, tools are required to break down certain models and may be too bulky for certain activities.
Age Range: The American Academy of Pediatrics recommends waiting until a child is six (6) months old before using a jogging stroller. Most jogging strollers can handle up to 80 pounds. Most likely your jogging stroller will accommodate up to 4 or 5 years old.
Activities: Everyday activities, walks, running, jogging and hiking.
Price Range:

Between $100 and $400 depending on desired quality and features.


Travel Systems  
Travel systems consist of stroller/car seat combinations. Some travel systems allow for an infant car seat to attach to a stroller while one system is fully integrated. Travel systems are great while traveling with your children. Since both products are combined into one system, there is the potential for cost savings. Additionally, backpack strollers are becoming more popular and provide a good option for hiking.

Advantages: Multi-functional uses, great for travel and potential cost savings.
Disadvantages:   Some systems are large and bulky, potential inconveniences and limited storage.
Age Range: Newborn up to 4 years old.
Activities: Airline travel, family vacations and everyday use.
Price Range:

Between $100 and $300 depending on features, design and functionality.


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