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Getting in Shape with Jogging Strollers

Getting in Shape with Jogging StrollersIf you have a baby or two, and you also love to jog, then you may want to combine the best of both worlds and get yourself a stroller specifically designed for jogging. Jogging strollers let you spend time with your baby while getting in your daily run, a perfect solution for new parents with tightly packed schedules. (And who doesn't have a tightly packed schedule these days?)


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Jogging strollers have been around for a while, but in recent years these products have advanced in safety and efficiency by leaps and bounds. One of the key developments for this kind of stroller was the move away from the four-wheeled design. In its place came the three-wheeled stroller, often with a front wheel that can be locked into place for those times when a parent wants to run in straight lines at full speed. Then, when unlocked, this front wheel can swivel, which makes it much easier to walk around in congested places and make frequent turns and subtle movements. The three-wheeled layout also allows a more aerodynamic body that cuts down on wind drag, friction and other forces that might resist the person pushing the stroller, and allows him or her to really get in full, satisfying runs. At the same time, such breakthroughs as the five-point seat harness, more powerful stroller shock absorbers and thinner tires have improved the quality of the rides that infants experience. You don't have to worry about your child being bounced around or feeling every bump in the road now. Instead, your son or daughter may find your jogs the perfect times to take a nap, so relaxing will the voyage be.

And even if you've never really been a jogger, you might want to look at jogging strollers all the same. Owning a jogging stroller might be a great inducer for you to take up jogging. After all, if you're going to be taking your baby to the store every day, why not jog over there? You could go shopping, spend some quality time with your infant, save money on gasoline and get in better shape – all at the same time! (Jogging or running even ten minutes a day can work wonders for a person's health.) Maybe your newfound jogging routine will help you fall asleep faster at night. With a newborn, you need all the sleep you can get.