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Lily Gold, a division of Triple Play that's based in Hopkins, Minnesota, began with a single family. Lily Gold wanted to make sure that her grandchildren would have the safest stroller possible, so she did what any grandparent who had the expertise might do: she built one herself. It was such a masterpiece that, in 2000, the family decided to build a whole company around it. And so we now have the Lily Gold brand, whose portable baby products are true examples of American ingenuity and knowhow.

From the start of her baby-product endeavor, Lily Gold insisted her company wouldn't just rehash old designs, but rather offer the public true innovations. And she more than accomplished that goal with what is perhaps the flagship product of the entire Lily Gold enterprise: the Sit 'n Stroll. The Sit 'n Stroll is the only combination car seat and stroller in the world today that can handle five different, and crucial, tasks for babies. One, it's a stroller (obviously). Two, it's a booster chair for meals. Three, it's a car seat that faces frontwards. Four, it's a car seat that can also face backwards. And five, it can serve as an airplane seat. Wherever you go with your baby, you can take this durable, portable, fashionable product with you.

Another tremendous Lily Gold product is the LillyPad. It's a tote bag, and also so much more than a tote bag. You can unfold the LillyPad quickly and use it to cover a high chair, shopping cart seat, park bench, or any other surface you might have your child sit on; its Velcro fasteners will make sure it fits snugly no matter what size the seat may be. The LillyPad is thick and padded, instantly rendering any such seat comfortable. It's also able to repel germs and keep your child as clean as possible. And there are several roomy pockets included for convenient storage. You can even use this product as a mat to play on or as a pad for changing diapers. In fact, the LillyPad is so colorful, so attractive and easy to wash and functional that you might want to use one yourself, even when your kids are grown.

The Sit 'n Stroll and the LillyPad are indicative of the qualities all Lily Gold products share: they're functional, highly stylish and portable, and they each serve more than one purpose - and sometimes many purposes.