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Peg Perego Italian Baby Products 

The Peg Perego Company has been in business since 1949, and it is today what it has always been: a family-owned business where quality comes first. The Peg Perego line of juvenile products is diverse, and includes car seats, high chairs, toys that kids can ride inside, and strollers of course. Quality control is the overriding concern of every facet of the manufacturing process of these products: from the initial research and design to the construction and even the shipping, Peg Perego insists that these products will last families a long time and will serve all of their needs.

One advantage Peg Perego has is its team of expert designers, who draw on the great tradition of Italian art and draftsmanship to fashion beautiful products in a wide range of styles, from modern to old-fashioned, from products that reflect urban life to those that call to mind downhome charm.

One of the most popular Peg Perego products is their stroller travel system, which will offer everything you'll need to transport your baby from her crib to your car to wherever you need to go, and back to the crib again. The strollers come with extra-comfy seats that can be rotated 360 degrees, so your baby can face you en route. They also come with the patented QuadShock suspension system, with diaper bags, cup holders, a tray for your keys (especially important, and not a common stroller feature, either), with sunshades and car seat bases and footmuffs and all kinds of other features, features practically too numerous to list.

You can also buy a stroller separately from Peg Perego, and these models range from the attractive Vela Easy Drive, a stroller with four wheels that looks a little like a bright orange Popsicle on wheels, to the trusted and easy-to-maneuver Pliko Compact series of strollers.

The Mocha Toddler Car Seat from Peg Perego is a fantastic product, too. It can easily be docked into your vehicle at any angle, and it can be rotated to make it easier to get it out of your car. It comes complete with a UV sun shield you can remove if you want. And you can attach this car seat to your Peg Perego stroller, or to any stroller made by Orbit Baby, for your traveling convenience. (You can also store your LATCH belt buckles inside the car seat's pockets when you're pushing your stroller so you won't have to carry them.)