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The Perfect Pet Stroller for Your Pet

The best stroller for your pet will, first of all, be plenty big enough. Obviously its weight capacity has to be high enough for your pet, but additionally the size of the seat should be large enough that your cat, dog, gerbil or whatever will be able to stand up, curl into a ball, and even to turn all the way around should it choose to do so. If your pet feels as though it has the freedom to move around at will, then the experience of riding up and down the street will be a much more pleasant one; the rides in the pet stroller will come to be an experience that your pet might even start to look forward to each day.


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In addition to the size of the seat, you'll want to think about the size of the stroller's wheels. Small wheels are fine for indoor spaces or for flat, smooth surfaces, like pavement, but they won't do for anything else. Large wheels are necessary if you plan to take the stroller off-road and onto grass, the beach or other rough surfaces. Even if you're planning on sticking to the sidewalks but the sidewalks in your neighborhood are full of holes and cracks, then you'll probably want to choose a stroller with larger wheels. And if you're planning on taking your pet on walks over surfaces that are especially bumpy and rough, then you may even consider a stroller that comes with shock absorbers, especially if your poor pet is susceptible to motion sickness.

Sometimes a pet stroller will come with flaps you can close. These are good if your pet is a risk for jumping off of the stroller. And some pets, especially cats and even some dogs that are less social, simply enjoy the feeling of being closed off from the world, so they don't have to look at other people and animals walking by.

Also, don't go jogging with a pet stroller unless it has specifically been designed as a jogging stroller. Jogging strollers for pets often come with three wheels, and are especially sturdy and highly unlikely to tip over even at high speeds or after sudden stops.

Finally, if you really want your dog or cat to love stroller time, get a stroller with extra baskets or storage compartments so you can store treats and drop them into its seat as you walk along.