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The Best Pet Strollers

While baby strollers have certainly been around a long time, pet strollers are comparatively much newer to the market. But this field is expanding, and new brands and models of pet strollers are being introduced to the public all the time. As a result, you should have plenty of choices when you search the Internet or head down to the local pet store. In fact, you might find you have so many options you're not sure where to even begin.


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When looking for a stroller for your pet, you won't go wrong if you keep your pet in mind the whole time. You'll want to find a seat that offers plenty of room: a roomier stroller is a more comfortable stroller. If your pet can hardly move inside the stroller, then riding around inside it will be an experience your cat, dog or other beloved animal will come to dread. Don't buy any stroller without first checking the weight capacity, and make sure the stroller's high enough off the ground so you won't be dragging your animal on the pavement. In fact, some pets enjoy a stroller that allows them to be as high off the ground as possible. It's a pleasant experience for them to be closer to people's faces, and a luxury for them to feel tall for once. Also, a stroller with plenty of suspension will offer a smoother ride.

You'll also want to consider how rugged a given stroller is. It's fine to buy a lightweight, delicate stroller if you're only going to use it on special occasions – say, to roll out your doggie or kitty at your parties to entertain your guests – but if you plan on using your stroller often, or taking it with you when you and your family go camping, then you're going to need a stroller that's tough, with wheels and tires that have been designed to handle off-road terrain. You may also want a stroller that comes equipped with a shield that can protect your pet from the sun or the rain. And if you're afraid your pet may jump out of the stroller at some point during your walks, you can get pet strollers that zip shut.

One last word of caution: if you do enjoy pushing around your pet in a stroller, make sure that this pet also gets plenty of exercise during the day. Otherwise, its health will suffer and it may start misbehaving when indoors.