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Phil and Ted's Unique Strollers

Many companies will make this claim, but with Phil and Ted's it really is true: this company puts out strollers that are exciting for adults to push, strollers like none other. The designs of these products, their colors, even their names are striking, bold and original. The Verve is a black stroller with loads of verve, and a classy streamlined design that's difficult to resist. If you want to glide through the streets with your baby like a shark, then check out the Hammerhead. The Sub 4 may make you smile as soon as you see it; it's got three giant wheels, and looks kind of like a baby stroller combined with a monster truck. The Explorer has a black body and red seat that make for a vibrant color combination, and the entire stroller is tough and sturdy, with full protection from the elements for your baby, perfect for exploring indeed. The Smart, the Vibe, and of course the Classic are all great choices as well: durable, easy to handle, a joy to take out for a spin. And these strollers will accommodate everyone from a newborn baby who needs to lie down flat for the entire ride to a relatively large five-year-old. You don't often hear someone mention "pimping a ride" when they're speaking about a baby stroller, but that's just what Phil and Ted's boasts about when they talk about their stroller designs.

Phil and Ted's also makes baby carriers, leaving your hands free as you make your way down the street and allowing your young child the best views and the most comfortable excursion he or she could have. And their DriveSuper car seats are indeed super safe.

The main objective of Phil and Ted's as a company is to hire the best industrial designers and engineers they can to create the best and most sustainable products for babies and toddlers they can. They want to ensure that even the busiest and most active parents have at their disposal juvenile products they can take with them wherever they have to go, products they won't have to spend a lot of time setting up or putting away.

At Phil and Ted's they call their dedicated employees "Phil and Ted-heads." After you sample some of their products, you may feel like calling yourself a "Phil and Ted-head" as well.