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RECARO Safety Seats

RECARO makes seats for all kinds of vehicles, including car seats for infants. The company is formally known as the Keiper Recaro Group, with headquarters in Kirchheim, Germany, and it employs 7,500 people in thirty different facilities.

RECARO started out as an automobile seat manufacturer. Wilhelm Reutter, who at 32 was already a renowned saddle-maker, founded the company as "Reutter, Wilhelm, Saddler."At that time in history, of course, the automobile was becoming a major force in the world, and Reutter was soon able to make a fortune by making seats for cars. In 1963 the company's name changed to RECARO. That moniker was formed by combining the first two letters of "Reutter"with the first four letters of "carosserien,"a word that means "coaches"in English. The first product to be released under this new name was the RECARO sport seat, in 1965, which became a sensation in the motor racing profession. In 1968 the company introduced the first-ever car seat with a shoulder support feature that could be adjusted. And then, in 1969, RECARO merged with Keiper to form the Keiper Recaro Group. Ever since that merger, this larger company has continued to revolutionize the automobile seat industry and, as of 1971, the airplane seat industry. These seats offer full-body support features that were developed after careful scientific research into anatomy, physics, mechanics and ergonomics. University professors, distinguished researchers and crash test upon crash test were employed to develop the safest and most comfortable seats imaginable.

RECARO's first child seat debuted in 1998. Since then, it has launched such infant seats as the Young Profi Plus, which has the ability to extend as necessary as a baby grows. And its Pro Series safety seats for children have become classics, renowned the world over. This series includes the Vivo, which is a booster seat with a high back that fits a multitude of vehicles. And the ProBooster is another high-back booster seat that offers the ultimate in safety and comfort for children.

In short, RECARO takes the finest materials and metals, and shapes them according to decades of research into the human body and how it should be seated. These seats are crafted to the ideal shape for every part of the body they will support. And given that your children, as RECARO likes to put it, are your "most precious passengers,"why offer them anything less?