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Stroller ParasolsStroller parasols are umbrellas that clip onto the side of your stroller and offer your baby shade and protection from the rain and other elements. Parasols not only ensure your baby has the most pleasant stroller ride possible, but they can also be stylish and fun, adding whimsy, cheeriness and a splash of color to even the plainest and blandest stroller.


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You can find stroller parasols in many different designs and in any color you could think of, so you don't have to worry about your umbrella clashing with your stroller. In many instances you can have whatever you'd like printed onto a parasol as well: your baby's name or initials, or maybe a design or image that particularly strikes you. Imagine, for example, a parasol with a smiling sun or a shooting star emblazoned on top. No doubt when you're out for a stroll you'll get plenty of compliments about your umbrella!

Of course, much more important than how stroller parasols look is how well they function. You want to make sure, first of all, that the parasol fastens securely. You don't want to have to be running down the street with your stroller on a windy day, chasing after your parasol! And you obviously don't want a wobbly parasol that could collapse onto your baby's seat en route to the store. An adjustable parasol is preferable to a non-adjustable model, so you can shield your child's face from the sun at any angle you need to. And while you may prefer a dark-colored umbrella, remember that light colors reflect sunlight while dark colors absorb it, which means on a hot day your baby might feel even hotter underneath a dark parasol. Also, remember that the best kind of parasol to buy is one that will protect your child from the UV rays of the sun, the most harmful aspect of sunlight. Further, you want to make sure that an umbrella doesn't impede your view as you're walking along, or make it difficult for you to access your baby or your stroller's storage compartments.

As a final note, many strollers do come equipped with a "weather shield" that folds out, but you might prefer the look of a parasol, or feel that a parasol offers greater coverage for your infant, so don't rule out the option of buying a parasol anyway.