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Tike Tech: Stroller Design as Art and Science

A Tike Tech stroller is a beautiful object to behold, but its beauty isn't skin-deep. Rather, these strollers are loaded with unique design elements, special features, and other things you might never have thought of when buying a baby stroller, but that you'll be mighty glad to have after you purchase your Tike Tech stroller. In short, Tike Tech lives up to its company mission: to create a whole "new breed" of baby stroller.

Buy a Tike Tech stroller and here are some of the features you'll enjoy: stroller cover and inserts, water bottle holders and child foot muffs, snap-on infant car seat adapters (and snap-on adapters have to be the easiest kind of car seat adapters in existence), and even the company's own patented "Snack & Pack Bag." These strollers have aced all kinds of safety tests as well. Not only does Tike Tech perform rigorous, automobile-style safety tests within its own facilities, but they also open these products up to outside safety experts for further testing. The result is that safety in a Tike Tech stroller is guaranteed; all these strollers pass every international safety regulation that's ever been established.

Each of Tike Tech's beautifully-appointed and stylish strollers has been carefully designed to support your baby in every conceivable way. The stroller is comfortable to sit on, and includes a special "dual vibration dampening" system to make sure those bumps and vibrations won't irritate your child when she's on the road. In 2011, the company even created a new division for improving their designs and their manufacturing processes even further, which means that Tike Tech will continue to introduce to the public new innovations and new standards of excellence for the baby stroller long into the future.

Two terrific examples of Tike Tech quality would be the All Terrain X3 Sport Single Stroller, and its sibling the All Terrain X3 Sport Double stroller. These are large three-wheeled strollers with sleek designs, comfy handlebars which you can easily control with one hand if need be, plush and comfy seats, canopies offering full protection from the sun, and an overall strength and durability that are unsurpassed in the market today. And given their black handlebars and black wheels which contrast with a beautiful blue interior and canopy, they also look as spiffy as any stroller you'd be able to find.