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Tripp Trapp High Chair - Wheat Yellow

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The Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair.

The chair that grows with the child.® From birth.

The Tripp Trapp® is an ingenious highchair that revolutionized the children’s chair category back in 1972 when it was first launched. It is designed to fit right up against your dining table, bringing your baby into the heart of your family, allowing him or her to learn and develop alongside you. 

Not only does Tripp Trapp® grow with your child, it can be adjusted to custom fit your child’s body through its unique depth and height adjustable seat and foot plate. This enables comfortable and correct ergonomic seating for children of any age.

Tripp Trapp® Chair

For life

The intelligent, adjustable design allows freedom of movement with both depth- and height adjustable seat- and footplates. When adjusted correctly, your child is ensured a comfortable and ergonomically correct seating position at any age.

A modern classic.

The Tripp Trapp® chair, created in 1972 by the designer Peter Opsvik, has never been bettered. In 1972, revolution was a fact. Back then no one had seen anything like the Tripp Trapp®, and more than 40 years later it is still unique: the only child’s chair that can take you from baby to adult, keeping you secure and comfortable all the way. 

 “In 1972 the only sitting devices for children from the age of two onwards were special, low chairs, or ordinary chairs designed and intended for grown-ups. My objective was that one chair should seat persons of all sizes in a natural way at the same table. My hope was that this would make sitting at the table more enjoyable and make activities easier to perform there.” -Peter Opsvik, designer.


How to adjust your Tripp Trapp®?

Tripp Trapp® adjusts to the size of your child, ensuring he or she is always at the perfect height to eat, play and interact, with his or her feet properly supported, at whatever age.

The Tripp Trapp® chair’s unique adjustability makes it possible to ensure your child is sitting with elbows at table height and feet supported, leaving room between the seat and the child’s calves. The legs should be supported at approximately 90 degrees. The back of the knees should for babies have about two fingers’ width clearance from the seat front to aid circulation. As the child grows, see to that approximately ¾ of their thigh is supported by the seat plate.

Material and Maintenance

Tripp Trapp® is made from cultivated beechwood and comes varnished in a selection of colours.

Wipe with a clean damp cloth, wipe off excess of water with a dry cloth. Moisture will crack stain. We do not recommend the use of any detergent or micro fibre cloth. Colours may change if the high chair is exposed to the sun.


Stokke® recommends limited use of any high chair when a child is very young. Yes, even the ergonomically designed Tripp Trapp®.

Of course, later on the child can decide when to sit and when to walk around, but in the early days of a child’s life, parents need to be aware that until a baby can sit up without support – usually at about 6-9 months - it’s better off playing on a clean floor, on a play mat or even in a playpen.

Once babies can sit up unaided, they still should never really be seated for more than 10 to 15 minutes at a time - long enough to eat, not to sleep. Babies’ spines and muscle structures are at a delicate stage of development so their feet and backs should be properly supported at all times.

Do not leave the child unattended.

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Product Specifications

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Full Reclinable For Infant:


Turns Into Double Stroller:


Bassinet / Carry Cot Adaptable:


Car Seat Adaptable:


Child Minimum Weight / Age:


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Dimensions Unfolded: (L x W x H)


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7 years

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-Tripp Trapp High Chair

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Stokke Tripp Trapp High Chair Seat



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Stokke Trip Trap HighChair


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